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Greetings, I am Vastina Omosebi,  Owner and Designer of Omosebi Jewelry Designs. My designs are creatively handcrafted and designed with quality.  I also sell quality handbags to compliment your desired style. My designs are satisfaction guaranteed.  With a variety of one of a kind designs, I make every attempt to accommodate your need, offering one on one consultations.  During the consultation I will customize a specific design for occasions, such as weddings or special events.  I also do repairs on broken jewelry that you may have purchase from other designers with limitations on what is needed to be repaired.  The cost of repairs are determined by what needs to be repaired and the supplies needed.  I recreate sentimental pieces into newly created designs.  Please contact me to set up appointments for one on one consultations for custom designs, recreations and repairs.   I look forward to customizing your one of a kind design. 

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